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Roller Forming

Dahlstrom Industries, designs, manufactuers, and integrates tooling and machinery for custom roll forming and flexible fabrication systems and solutions. As an equipment manufacturer, Dahlstrom offers a range of sheet and coil roll forming machines and flexible fabrication equipment, applicable across variety of industries and applications including, door and window, transportation, home and industrial appliances, automotive trim and structural components, office furniture, light fixtures and building products, to name a few. The roll forming and flexible fabrication systems can be tailored to high production manufacturing as well as flexible, short production needs.

With over 50 years in business, Dahlstrom offers aftermarket support including OEM replacement parts, on-site service assistance, and rebuilds of existing machines. As a member of the Formtek Group, Dahlstrom Industries is a part of a wide breadth of experience and technical know-how for metal processing and metal forming, as well as having the largest service network in the industry. Dahlstrom Industries and the Formtek Group are the source for More Productive Metal Forming Solutions.

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